We arrived in Goa; got some cash, then grabbed a cab… by now you should know what we had to put up with, but this time the twist was that we where driving on country roads, which meant high speeds; lots of fast corners; steep ravines to full down, and bad Roads: this driver received no tip, although I am sure he thought he deserved it.

Palolem, Goa, is where we decided to go first. As usual the big bags invited many a street hawkers to harass us for “the only room left” etc, etc. We wondered down the beach following Mike and Tom, as they knew the place, only to find out everything had gone; apparently everything was demolished in 2006, rebuilt, then demolished again due to lack of planning permission or something. Anyway, the place was a bamboo construction zone, making us less than smug about ignoring the “last room” in Palolem guy. Luckily Mike knowing the area walked us to a place he had stayed before: the Flavior Paradise, which was 200 Rupeys a night and not bad at all.

Our place was pretty cool; we had power and a place to hide from PR. We unfortunatly had to share a WC and shower with the other guests. Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned the squat toilets yet… I have not worked up the nerve yet to use them.

Our first day in Palolem was not to eventful to start; Mike took us to the Dropadi, which is the “blue restaurant” on the beach, directly next to the main entrance. The Dropadi, was the sand floor, sunrise, sunset, chill-out place for us. The Cheeky Chapatti was also another favourite (they have Tofu J).

Goa is full of loose dogs and cows, who sometimes fight each other, for places to sit and lounge all day in the son (lucky b*st*rds). The dogs are all generally sandy coloured and burry them selves in the sand as well (natural selection?), which makes them hard to spot sometimes; I think they learnt that from the local crabs who also do the same trick, except they are see through. The cows have right of way everywhere; the only time I have seen a cabby slow down has been around the cows. I followed one of them in my drunken stupor into a restaurant, which was hilarious; the locals chuck water on them to make them leave. I had to work hard not to stroke the dogs, as I don’t fancy eight rabies needles in my stomach and or a painful death.

Funnily enough we did not spend any time on the beach, nor did we feel the need; we mostly wondered around etc. As with Mumbai, lots of make shift shops have been erected, full of eager rip off merchants who will take you for 10X more than the real price, if you are naive enough to full for “yes my friend”.

Although it feels like we where there, many, many nights, we only really had one night out, which was truly awesome: we sat at Dropadi, watching the sun set; eating a fat curry and progressively getting more and more drunk. We decided to check out a few of Mike and Tom’s old haunts to see if they still exist. We worked our way to the Cheeky Chapatti, which was an English owned Indo-Chinese place, who I loved (as I mentioned before: Tofu) and then onto the Smugglers Den, who served the famous Thai Buckets of booze, one of which we all shared before calling it a night. We ended up in a booze shop bartering for a bottle of Vodka…, which we got for 250 Rupees, which is about 3 pounds; then we wondered to the beach, only to realise we had forgot the mixer…, which meant we headed to another bar, this time on the beach.

The Beach bar, I cannot remember the name of, ended up being a few games of pool for Mike, which he won all of, and another plate of food for me :P. We got 4 bottles of sprite and headed for the beach for a night of drunk singing; neat vodka and swimming. The swimming was a very bad idea, especially as we (I) where trying to find the drop of point very far out, which I decided was a bad idea, when the sea tried to take me.

The next morning we decided we wanted to move onto another beach and after spending the day recovering from the night before; we all left in the morning for a beach a few miles away (who’s name escapes me) only to find half the places to stay shut, and the few open charging 500 rupees, which was way to much considering the scene was dead.

We barterd with the cabbie and we are now in Arjuna, north Goa. It took a few hours to get here in the cab and we already want to see the next beach. It’s not bad here, but we want to find somewhere we can be content for a few days. We are in a very cool 500 Rupee a night place with HOT WATER. Arjuna has very few cows and dogs, but makes up in what it lacks with more PR. It is mainly cliffs and green hills; lots of trees and very few beaches.

Tomorrow, we are headed for some hippy beach, which will hopefully tie my now free (vagrant) mind down for a few days. I really don’t care where we go anymore, I am truly living for the now, now; time has also lost meaning here. We where talking to a few Eng guys, one of which had only been here for a few days and smelled very green, and I thought to my self: “you will get the hang of it soon mate, you have only been here a couple of days”, only to realise I had only been here a couple of days to J I definitely feel this is something I could do for some time.

We have a few other places to visit planned, then after them we will begin travelling on the decision of the dice.


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