(No pictures this time as they have retarded internet here. I will update this later.)

We have been here 5 days now, not that it matters, because as I mentioned before time has no meaning now, and it feels like months. When you first arrive here, it seems like just a bigger version of Parolem, but it has a few surprises.

Our Cliff seated rooms are amazing! We have a fantastic view of the ocean and can see a sun set every night. We have to climb up a very steep and dodgy path to get up the hill side, which is all good fun; we also have to walk “the Ho Chi Min Trail” to get to and from Arumble proper, which is a long trail around the coast line, taking you through past an evil citadel-esque costal formation and various makeshift shops, which gets annoying as we get harassed and there is no way to avoid it.

The hippy lake! Is hidden near our place at the end of the trail; it is a fresh water lake, which supposedly turns you florescent when you rub in the mud; in it’s background is very deep jungle, and when you lye in the luke thermally warmed water, you can hear one of the cheesy meditation tapes in the background minus the annoying American guy, telling you to find your inner child; but oh no, it is not just a that, it is the ocean followed by a beach and then the lake! I think it is possibly one of the most picturesque places I will see; apparently the hippies love this place (hippy art is on the rocks), but after actually being here, I am becoming more sceptical about the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet, as they fail to mention the carnivorous fish which bit me a few times! If the authors of either of those books had actually been here, then they would have at least spun them as doctor fish or something; they only attack you if stationary, so you can still enjoy a swim.

The sea here is propA, as we actually have waves that do something; they can reach up to 3 metres from what I have seen and are awesome fun to play around in. The beach plus lake and sea would have been great if not for PR as usual; the PR wont leave you alone here, I almost lost it today. When you enter the beach the PR for the lye lows will approach you and follow you, then the sarong and nick nack lady, followed by her competition. So you have a long line of vultures coming in for the kill who wont take no for an answer. It gets worse: when you finally do lay down, guess what? THEY WONT LEAVE YOU ALONE. They steal most every piece of relaxation from you, then when you nod off you have to worry about them stealing your money belt.

The food here is okay, they serve lot and lots of different tofu based stuff, but it is nothing special except for the Tofu Laffa, which is a Chilli Tofu with hummus wrap; yummy.

Tom and Mike had their first foreign gig here hehe, we where at a open mike night and no one was using it, so they took over. Some crazy Christna guy on tabla stole Mike’s hair and ate it after the gig, probably to steal his soul. They should be doing one more gig before we go.

The creepy crawlies here are something else. We had to use a temp room for a day until one next to the others became available’ it was one of those palm roof jobs, with a think layer of bugs on the ground and bed…they would fall from the ceiling onto my mossie net, which I was thanking god for; anyway we only had to put up with that for a day. The ants here a HUGE, I mean absolutely massive; then there are the really tiny ones. Little geckos and chipmunks run around everywhere and I have seen a couple of massive beards of pray, and a couple of praying mantis on our own door steps. I watched the fireflies dance very early in the morning when un-well unable to sleep.

I witnessed what must be the hundredth running of the dog and cow, which is a bunch of dogs chasing and encouraging a cow to run stampeding into town. I don’t know what that is all about, but it is very scary when a massive horned cow runs at you. Beef is on the menu everywhere here… you have to suspect something is up with that, being that there are dozens of cows around, but less than most places. I would not be surprised if the dogs where harvested as well, as that would be the only logical reason not to neuter them and allow them to spread (rabies as well).

I have been sick for the past 3 days L I became ill after a day at the beach in which I was badly burnt, so my theory is that my body was fighting something, then heat exhaustion nuked my immune system (either that or I had all the symptoms of malaria). I had heavy fever and hot and cold sweats the first night, followed by totally spaced out the next night with fever and cold sweats, and today I feel like a person, but am still suffering. I hope to be 100% by tomorrow as we are planning to move on this Friday. I loaded up on Garlic and Ginger soup today and hope that will kill what is left. Anti-biotics are a bad idea as they mess up you intestinal track for a while, but I cant get any around here anyway. I missed out on a trip to Panajin, which is the capital of Goa, as I was to messed up; I spent the day having psychedelic visions, off my head from dehydration instead. I had trouble drinking a great deal and definitely was not replacing what was lost. Today I managed to stomach beans on toast, 2 ginger and garlic soups plus a bowl of rice, so I am still not getting my maintenance calories either.

Hygiene here (theirs), did not really get to me until this sickness hit me: it is REALY bad; yesterday I was at a place with the guys, all spaced out from being ill, queuing for the “toilet” which was a shit pit, covered in urine sand and shit (this is the norm), the guy I was waiting for to get out leaves, smiles, and makes no effort to wash his hand in the inadequate basin with no soap: he was a chief there! And this is normal here. I started a new game with the guys today “who ever finds a hair first wins”, I have been unofficially champ for the past few days, but figured I may as well make it official as the others are making no conscious effort to spot them in their food; the one I found today, I suspect is a dog hair. I am ready to move onto Nepal now, but apparently it is worse there anyway. If I did not have these cool sanitation products I would have been on a plane back home by now.

The sickness has stolen my cool, I would not of even considered coming back a few days ago, but I am committed to this now, and want to do it. I write these offline and as I am about to post this, I am almost 100% again in both respects.


The sound on my video camera wont work (it may have something to do with a certain Ducati killing the mike?), so no videos; the bandwidth here is pathetic anyway: it took me an hour to upload 3 MB.


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