Arambole – Still Sick

We decided we are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow evening. We have booked our super expensive hotel, at 2000 Rupees per night (about 20 quid), so we wont have to worry about being harassed with the bags, and have a place to crash… but I am still sick,

This is the fourth day now; admittedly I feel much better, but I am still pretty much tied down by the symptoms. The sleeper coach we are taking to Mumbai is 12 hours long! I am really hoping I will be better tomorrow, or I am going to have to get off in the jungle somewhere and walk; apparently they stop for breaks, but I can’t guarantee total control over my self.

We where going to get the train to Hampi, but apparently there was a rock slide (cool), so that is off the menu for a while. Mumbai is a good place to collect our selves and some supplies, plus two days in a posh hotel will no doubt help me.

I am allot better; the garlic and ginger OD I took today and yesterday has helped my chest no end, which implies viral infection over bacterial; the see through etc also suggests that. I am concerned my dehydration may be hampering my bodies attempts to make etc in my lungs, to get rid of the problem.

I can’t afford to use ginger and garlic as it is not helping with the other problem, so I am prioritising the other issue over this. I OD’d on Andrews Liver salts today and yesterday, which is a laxative… I was spaced out, thinking “take white powder, make problem go way”, so suspect that is why I am still having issues. I even read the word Laxative, but my mind associated it with the opposite effect, which is what I will be relying on heavily tomorrow.

I was out with the guys today, trying to have lots of fun (and succeeding), due to the fact, I have found the only clean public toilet in Goa, which is in… um the second place on the left, at the end of the main beach entrance. I had to call it a night at 9pm and is was becoming stupid running to that place, from our choice of venue, so I called it and am here now, on my own again L

It was a great night though: Tom and Mike sang a version of footloose (Tom on Vocals, Mike on Guitar, and loads of random tabla players) and another tune. We also played a messed up version of S**T C***T (a card ghame), which involves players becoming D Vadar, The Emperor, A Sand Person, and an Ewok, optional extras include a Strom Trooper and a Chewie; anyway, it’s funny from my point of view, so there.

I forgot to mention in my previous post, that this placed is jam packed with Israeli soldiers coming off their tours of duty. I spoke to a few of these guys, who we where unfortunate enough to share a balcony with (they where loud, aggressive and said we where scared to sit with them (to them selves) which I took as a challenge, oh and they deliberately banged the walls when we first agreed and went inside, which they thought was a polite decline) they are all getting super high everyday and you can see the bong flares from most every balcony every night, which is insane. The guys we spoke to where off their first and second tours, the others I cannot remember; but the guy from his first tour had the 100 yard stare and was really isolated in him self; the second tour guy seemed more gung ho (I hope that is how it is spelt) about everything, so they all must have really hard times.

Anyway, tomorrow night we go back to Mumbai. If you are reading this then I am okay (still writing offline). Tomorrow, I will eat and drink nothing and hope for the best: incidentally, I only had a bowl of soup and rice today.

I am spending 8 hours tomorrow accelerating the growth of my dreads… to go with my rapidly expanding beard (runs away, before you can say anything muhahah).

PS here are the photos I wanted to show you last time


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