D-Day Arambole

I am no longer sick! Wohoo. The guys thought it would be hilarious for me to get Dread Locks and I always wanted them… so I spent 9 hours sitting in a chair, having them installed; it was the most painful 9 hours of my life, and I will never do it again: Imagine someone pulling your hair for 9 hours and then putting you neck in really unnatural positions for hours, then having the sit on a plastic chair with nought but your self and a book, and then you only start to feel my pain. Anyway, I HAVE DREADS.

I did not eat at all that day and drank only 1 letre as a precaution against potential illness. Tom bought me a couple of lolly pops in his brief surreal visits to me as I was being dreaded.

After the nine hours where up we had to leave Arambol forever to catch our bus to Mumbai. We got a taxi to a town who’s name currently escapes me, but only after the taxi stalled on a hill for ages (they really don’t know who to use gears here). The town was like something out of Mad Max 2, it really looks to me like a post apocalyptic society reclaiming the ashes of a city. It looks like a nuke went off a decade ago and destroyed a nearby city and damaging their town, and they have only just now got everything working again; they have piles of concrete block and other assorted junk, pushed to the side until it becomes a priority to clean it up, in their effort to rebuild society.

We got on our coach (after some hassle) to find it is not quite how we imagined a sleeper bus… it is basically two Indian sized people beds sat next to each other, with another two piled on top. I had no leg or arm room what so ever: never again (until Nepal that is). We had a few toilet stops but only one with a toilet… my self and Tom had an argument as to which toilet was better: the Post Apocalyptic town one, or the coach stop one… the coach stop one wins as it has no lights, and your eyes are spared the horror of what is going on around you. The PA town toilet clerk guy ripped me off 8 Rupees admittance… I know everyone here has an angle, but now I am starting to think allot of people here have criminal minds (you are all the new ambassadors to your country online: great job guys, you do it proud); Mike had to argue with the guy for ages, to get his change, I am mentally broken from being raped of money to many times. Oh yeah, other Tom almost had 300 rupees almost stolen, when the toilet guy also gave the wrong change in Mumbai before. As a further example, the taxi drivers only metre the locals and will give you an inflated set price to get around, which obviously can be bartered down, but it’s still a criminal tax.

After 12 hours on that bus… we arrive in Mumbai to be surrounded by cab drivers, rude enough to ask 400 rupees each for a 40 minute drive; I am pretty confident they asked for more than that though. I wonder if anyone ever thought about the concept of repeat customer? Because after the way I have been treated here, I don’t think I will ever return to India after my travels. The country is wonderful and beautiful, but there is no regulation on anything and people only see you as an economic tool.

We check into our 4000 rupee a night place J which is super expensive by Indian standards; we have a shower, TV, Fridge and all that other crap you find in normal hotels. The rooms we have been staying in have been super basic, to keep costs down, but we could not find anywhere to cheap here, so we went all out instead. We only plan to be here two days before shooting off somewhere else. The owner of the hotel Mati, who’s name is Raj is the most sophisticated and pleasant person I have met since coming here.

We where spotted my bollywood talent scouts! Woot! We are going to be in a film! It is a 12 hour day, but it is worth it for life experience. I just hope it is not a trick to get us into the middle of no where, then murder and rape us (in no particular order). If I am posting this then we are now stars (offline writing).

I have been offered drugs 10 times today and counting because of my dreads… it is getting very annoying, but I hope they land me a gangster role in this film.


PS I have 2 other offline posts to put up, but finding tinternet and decent puters is prooving harder and harder.


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