Mr D in Pushkar

We are in Pushkar for the camel fayre! How very exciting (lol). As I mentioned before we are staying in the Pink Floyd hotel, wohooo; and in my favourite album: the wall; if I where to write a review for the cd on it would read like this:

“The wall is a shit album that smells like cabbage; it has a toilet door that does not lock and the manager is an asshole; he attempted to make me sign a blank document, then got all pissed off when I refused. The food is fully retarded, as they serve one item at a time (one hob job) plus they charge stupid rates”

Obviously the wall is an awesome album, but it’s no doubt copyright infringing counterpart as well as Pink Floyd Hotel here suck. We hooked up with Lauren and Mike and are staying at the same place as them, which is very good; they have weights!!!! So I will be dead lifting in the mornings J BTW I have lost 2.5KG since leaving England.

The hotel is very out of the way and super cool; we get to play cards with other backpackers etc and they serve very cheap food. The main man Tilock is the owner of the weights; he is also a biker, who is disgusted by the mileage of my BMW, so I did not want to tell him the petrol prices in England.

When we entered Pushkar via taxi, we had to pay some bullshit “passenger tax” of 25 RS each to get past a road block manned by random dudes, with no uniform or apparent authority; it is supposedly a legit tax, but it is just more BS to rip of the tourists; if anything, it will encourage one vehicle travellers, as to avoid the BS tax and to pollute the all ready polluted air here some more.

The first day of the camel fair was as expected: thousands of camels! Horses and other assorted animals where all so tied up there to be traded. We where accosted by about 12 children at one point, one even called me white boy; they where all demanding money as usual, but it was a little scary having that many follow you (think the kids from hostel).

There area allot of child pickpockets at the camel fayre; they use the fact they are ignored to their advantage, and get close in for a rummage through your pockets; I had to put my self between Tom and one kid.

Some kids in town today where running around as usual, but something was not quite right as they where acting strangely; they kept running up to us, then running away hysterically; this was as they where high on bang, which is a local drug; they offered us some and we told them to go away yet again. Jack, a French guy at our place, felt sorry for a street kid and took him to a place to buy him chipati, as this is what he begged for, only to pay 80rs for the bag of cannabis the kid wanted…

We climbed them largest hill in the area, which was fully epic. I was very spaced out, which is a bad sign considering I should be climbing something more serious next December.

The camel fayre is fairly lame so far, but we have more to go, so I won’t judge. I am ready to move onto the next town; the only thing keeping me here is the tailor and my new shirt I am waiting on. This town maybe better than Jaipor as it has no rickshaw drivers, but they have this flower scam thing instead, where they give you a free flower, then take you down to Pushkar lake, then after you place the flower in the lake, they all swarm you a pressure you for money; we have been warned by a few people, but when we first got here, we refused immediately anyway, because most every interaction with foreigners is to extort money from them; I am especially upset with the holy men, who I had so much respect for before I came to India.

It has been great to hook up with Mike and Lauren, but I feel we should split for good soon; although it is good to travel as a group, the individual has less option, and I am probably pissing them off anyway (as usual). I am growing very tired of India now, I have been told the constant hassle is universal to all countries around here, but I don’t know that first hand and wish to find out. I think maybe Agra (Tajmahal) and Varanasi, would be good to do with the guys, maybe even a little Nepal, but we need to split and hit Thailand soon (I don’t fancy China anyway, nor does Tom). I really want to mountain bike in Nepal, and do the Everest trail, but we will have to see what happens.


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