Mt Abu


  We had a hard time getting out of Jodpur, as at 4am the dogs and cows take over the city.  We where challenged by a group of Street dogs as we left the hotel; they then stalked us for a while when we backed off; we tried to find another way around them following the narrow winding alleys (stinky also: open gutters), but then where challenged by more dogs.  We headed back to our hotel, but the mofo’s where all asleep, so could not call us the rickshaw we needed.  We where getting more desperate as the train was leaving pretty soon, so we picked up rocks and headed back out; then a horned cow saw us and charged us! I saw a steep platform and began to climb, with Tom following me, and when he shouted gogogo I had to roll tomb raider style onto a high ledge to stop him getting speared.  We wonder back to the hotel and start to make some serious noise to catch their attention, but no one responds and we are going to miss our train, and on the way we would maybe get rabies and have to get 16 shots in the stomach to fix it.  Some ones door was open and I was desperate enough to be rude and ask for help; the guy had no idea what we where talking about, but escorted us to a rickshaw hangout; funnily enough the dogs did not even bark at him or the other locals, so I guess they didn’t like foreigners.  A cab driver ran out of a dark alley and then picked us up a couple of minutes later, we jumped into the cab with 6 rabid dogs going mental around us; the streets to the station where full of dog packs, so there is no way we could have walked it as planned.


  There where no issues on the sleeper class train funnily enough, I am guessing it was because there was excess seats and because it was sick-o’clock in the morning.


  Mt Abu is fucking beautiful; the scenery is something else.  The people here seem to take after those of Jodpur as we do not get hassled so much, and they all seem genuinely nice (mostly).  The food here seems to be shit everywhere, but as it is not disgusting and it is not making me ill, so it gets a 5/10: my standards have dropped somewhat; Cha-Cha is good and kings is worth checking out though.  Oh yes, I had a dead wasp in my mouth; it was in my mango slushy and I sucked it right up the straw into my mouth, I feel ill thinking about it, so that is all.


  We came here to walk the trails the area is famous for, but it turns out you can’t do that L because tourists have a habit of being mugged in the hills, plus you have mountain lions and bears to watch out for L we went for a wonder in one of the “safe areas” and found a hermit cave in the hills, but we where to scared to go near it, just encase (they have guns here).  We hired a guide and went into the reserve; the first thing he did was give us big sticks to scare away bears… apparently they spit in you face to blind you here.  The camera died so we did not get any pics of that outing which is a shame as we have a view from 1200metres all the way down around the base of the mountain J I did get my self a piece of bamboo for our next encounter with rabid dogs, which our guide cut into a stick for me at no cost; I found a peacocks feather and made my self a super cool hippy / shaman walking stick.  The guide deserves a to have his details put here for google, so everyone else go to the next paragraph:  Kanojia Tours +91-9414219013 based at Shree Ganesh Hotel +91-2974-237292, 235591, 235062


  We went to the Jain temple here; I was under-whelmed at the idea of another temple but this one was very special and it’s to bad they are greedy shits or I could share that with you.  They do not allow photographs, as they want to sell their own.   Anyway it was pure marble with many intricate carvings that I could argue is more special than the Ellora caves.  Apparently they want to keep it out of the books and low key to preserve it’s true nature.


  I bought my self a silver ring with a white opal J; that plus the my wrist band; my chops and the “beard of the maharaja” would have been great in combination with the black linen suit we where having made here, but that blew over when the tailor tried to screw us for an extra 1K, so I had another tailored shirt made J.  We both had silk pillow cases custom made for 275rs, to go with our silk sleeping bags; because even hardcore travellers like to wake up with a silky smooth face ;P


W stayed here a little longer at got some hiking / scrambling in J so it feels like we achieved something.  Walking with a large piece of bamboo, gives you extra confidence when walking the territory of the “tribal people”, as a lovely local couple referred to them; apparently they will kill you for 2 dollars.


  We are heading back to Jaipor now L I hate that town, and then we are moving on to Jaisalmer a couple of days after, I hope that will be on my recommended list of places like the previous one. On the up side we will probably try and get a linen suit tailored again, plus we can hit the golf course and planit-AirEum (southpark).  We have train tickets booked up to Agra via Dehli; we will book varenassi and then Dehli again or Calcutta depending on where the cheapest flight to Thailand is.  We wont be in this country more than three more weeks, lets see how many more new looks I can squeeze in between now and then.


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