The Imperial Hotel

Pure opulence. I mentioned before in a previous blog, we where denied entry to The Spice Root in the Imperial, due to our jeans and sandals, plus a lack of a suit. One of the main reasons we had suits made was for a second attempt at getting in. One problem though was a lack of shoes; we did look for traditional India non-leather shoes, but none worked; so we had to be very presumptuous and stern when we entered the restaurant. They gave our trainers a look, but did not say anything.

I had tofu that melted in my mouth and thick Thai noodles. Tom had “the blandest thing on the menu” due to his ulcer; he has been suffering for with it for a week, courtesy of the doxycyclin, which we have to take to prevent malaria.

We had trouble taking pictures as it did not seem appropriate. We took some photos towards the end of our meal, which seemed to be funny to the waiters; I guess they figured us out as impostors. We also sampled 18 year old scotch at the bar post meal.

The total cost of this is quite a bit:

Suits: 7000

Meal: 3200

Scotch x2: 1000

Total 11200

That’s soooo much money, like One Hundred and Twenty Five founds, MUHAHAHA. Two suits and a night out at one of Asia’s best restaurants for 125 divided into two people is nothing (£62.50p) but it is allot for us because we want to stay out of the country as long as possible.

That is all. It was such an Epic experience that it deserves its own blog.



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