The Beard Chronicles

I have gone through many different looks since I left th UK. Since I don’t really care to much what other people think, and I have no job or GF to keep my self looking good for, I thought I would experiemt. Look Number:

1) Post work apathy

2) 60’s dude

I liked this one.

3) 60’s porn star

Guess what I am doing with my hand?

4) Rasta

This look was awesome, but the locals where really harassing me so it had to go.

5) Skin Head / Latin Gangstar

This is probably my new look when I return.

6) Zen Buddist

7) Thug Lovin’

8 ) Mr T

This was awesome, as no one wanted to look at me to long. I shaved off the Mohawk by mistake L I had a cop stalking me at Ajmer station when I had this look, haha.

9) beard of the maharaja or that guy from those bollywood films / some redneck with chops.

10) Handlebar moustache

This is my favourite look so far, but when I got to Kalkata I had the urge to try out the:

11) Redictlouly rich idiot.

12) Shaman / Hippy Eco Warrior

13) Fidel Castro / Marxist Rebel

14) Steven Segal

15) Imperial Moustache

This one lasted a whole day, hehe. When the kids started laughing at me I decided it had to go. I thought it looked fantastically ridiculous, but it was to much for even me to pull off. At the end of the day I played around with a couple of other types.

16) Turkish Moustache

17) Pencil Moustache

18) Baby face Duke.

I think my face looked skinnier. I am going to grow my chops back and maintain a trimmed goatee I think, I am not a big fan of the pretty boy look.

19) Pretty Obvious. This one caused me some issues with the locals in Puskar.  I just found this one.  I am currently Baby Face Duke.


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