The flight to Singapore was fine. It was like flying 10 years ago, as on Air India it really has that retro feel. The flight was great, we had no issues what so ever.

We landed at Singapore but where given some spectacular views on the way in. When we landed we where both almost in tears! CIVILISATION! Everything was so clean and was made with some effort i.e. they do not feel the need to use corrugated iron and other crap to hold the airport together. The people here are so beautiful. I think I may have watched to much Hong Kong cinema as I had a real surreal post modern feeling about it all and I was drunk on happiness; I am not sure if that is because we escaped India or if I immediately loved this place.

The airport has free WIFI, but my laptop had been very fucked up from viruses for a while, so I can only write on it so we headed to a coffee place where I loaded my self up on Soya Latte’, and we got free access to a computer and the net.

We had tried to organise a hotel before we left but had not managed to. By the time we got to a computer it was ten, and at eleven we gave up and decided to stay in the airport. There was only one hotel with a 24hour front desk, that actually picked up it’s phone, but it was not very nice.

We wondered around for hours aimlessly. I started to get scared when I saw everything on the menu is meat, but then we went to Jollybean which I thought was a coffee place, but it turns out to be a soya / bean cured dish specialist, where you can get all kinds of cool shit like papaya soya etc.

Tom became very ill after eating a cheesecake, so we did not get a chance to go to other terminals via the sky train (sounds awesome) Tom did not want to sleep as he was ill, but I tried to a bit and failed because the marble floor was to cold. I mainly sang my own version of insane Wesley Willis tracks to keep my self from collapsing.

At 6am we rolled off of our seats and phoned a few hotels. Most hotels here have a 2pm check in, which would mean we have to wait around for another 8 hours after not getting any sleep. We found one place with a 9am check in but no en-suite; Tom was still feeling very ill so we opted to wait for a good hotel with a bath etc for a few more hours. We where really starting to fall apart mentally so we jumped into a cab to the place at 8.

Driving out of the airport I was shocked and awed by everything after spending two months in India. The roads have no holes are gravel or shit on them to drive around, and most drivers are sane. The high way looked as though it was built directly through a jungle as giant bonsai type trees were absolutely covering the sides, middle and the roof of the highway: It was beautiful. To me it looked almost like a utopian dream, but then again that could have been because I had to much exposure to India. The cab driver charged us on the meter and did not rip us off as we where used to.

We got to our hotel at 9ish and they would not let us crash unless we paid a stupid hourly rate. We dropped our bags off and headed in the direction of the beach. We found the marina and the city skyline after walking a few km; it was like walking through the rain forest it was so humid! Even after spending two months in India it was too much; we wanted to go on to the beach and the giant ferris wheel, but we where knacked so headed back to the hotel. We where still way to early and we simply collapsed on their reception couches. I think they felt sorry for us as at 12 they gave us the keys to a room and we slept until 17:30.

When we got into our room and when we saw the bath I almost cried. I have not had a bath in two months! We collapsed on our beds and we where both immediately in pain! The beds are so unbelievably comfy that my body was in pain everywhere as it struggled to relax for the first time in a long time; it was like sleeping in a flowing silk river as I tried to get to sleep. I was crying inside so hard and was so comfy that I could not sleep for a while. The room is very similar to that of travel lodge, but to us it seemed luxurious after India. I had a bath and it was soooo good, it is a really tiny bath but you can’t possibly understand my pain from India and how awesome such a little thing is.


OMFG!! We went to a bar, which should be no big deal. We walked in and some attractive ladies started to go mental and run around near us. We ordered our drinks and then where accosted by two beautiful women. I did not really understand what was going on but assumed we where simply a novelty. We where shown to a table and the girls followed. We sat down and then, they asked our names and started dancing and shit. I was really phreaking out because I did not understand what was going on, because they immediately started making sexual advances. Some third lady turns up and starts massaging my back and then I really start to freak out. By now obviously we are both are assuming they are all prostitutes, but we could not be sure so had to be polite. My self and Tom agree to get out of there immediately and I pay the massage girl 20 dollars as she asked for a fee, and I did not want her pimp to beat me up (lol). The massage girl must have been there on business unless it is okay to massage random people for money. That may sound like it was awesome, but we had no idea what was going on and barely talked to these girls and they where rubbing them selves on Tom’s leg. I was more defensive so they mostly left me alone until the massage girl sneak attacked me from behind and made me all relaxed. The whole thing has really confused me. I know if it was anyone else we knew they would of gone with it. The massage girl asked me why we are in a rush to leave, so I lied and said we had a flight; they must have known why we really left. I know most of my female acquaintances think I am a whore, but I don’t do casual sex or slags.

We went to a supermarket and found the usual kettlefish crisps you find in every supermarket… as well as various other strange stuff. I went on a bit of a spending spree as they had some stuff I had not seen for a while / ever before. I got this weird fruit juice called Soursop but after getting drunk on rice wine I tried it only to discover it is used in mixers at home; it made me feel sick as all those drunk flashbacks came to me and the rice wine curdled with it in my stomach, I hope the wheat grass tastes better. The booze in India with horrible and contaminated with glycerine and apparently methanol (sometimes), so it is really strange to have a drink and not feel sick.

We are catching a train to Kuala Lumpa and moving on to Thailand from there.


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