Kuala Lumpur


It is 5am in the morning and I am writing on my laptop, on a train, on the way to Thailand.  I have not had a chance to scribble any notes whilst in Kuala Lumpur, so I may miss some stuff.


  We got on a train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, we had go though some checks of visa etc on the way to the train, but then an hour after the train began it’s journey, we where halted and everyone was asked to leave the train without any explanation as to why, except we had to bring our passports.  I was so spaced out I left all of my shit including my credit card and all of my precious bling.  We get to the immigration counter and then I remember they did explain what was happening, I was just so confused I didn’t even remember what country we just came from.  After they checked our passports it suddenly occurred to me it could be a scam to get everyone to abandon their stuff, for the inspectors to “inspect”, luckily my fears where unfounded and I had to remind my self I was no longer in India.


  We booked our self in second class, which is the lowest class sleeper they have… and it was luxury compared to India!  We had very wide beds, and even though the top bunks are smaller, they where still bigger than those of Indian trains, big enough for us to sleep with our bags, which we had to do).  Every bed had a curtain for privacy and the beds where not arbitrarily uncomfortable: in the Indian sleeper class (lowest sleeper class) the mattresses are deliberately to thin, for no good reason other than for the passengers to feel uncomfortable; the trains are so bad, they have to make your journey harder in lower class, so the people in the crappy upper class can feel better about spending so much money (there are plenty of examples).  You can’t sit on the end of another persons bed in the civilised world, I really miss that about Indian trains, because you did not simply ignore the other passengers, you engaged them (some where nice ;p ).


  We met a couple of really cool Norwegians on the train journey to KL (another acronym for the cool kidz ;P ) we had no idea where we where going to stay, so we asked for a recommendation, then we ended up sharing a cab to a decent hotel (unlike “Decent Hotel” in Dehli which was hilariously shit).  We got to the hotel very early in the morning (I think 5) and guess what? 2pm check in again!  So we sat there until 10am when everything opened had a Subway and went exploring the city with the girls.


  They have a very cool public transport system here.  We got on the monorail (every time I think that, I hear the Simpsons monorail tune) and headed for where we believed central was:  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this city! It is awesome here! Really, really awesome!  I loved Singapore, but I like KL better: Singapore has more greenery than KL, but it is very hard to find your way around; in KL you can get where you need to be in no time, and it seems as if the city was better thought out.  The people in Singapore and KL have equaly awesome hair though.


  We went shopping and I had a Soya Latte’ at Starbucks! Fuck yeah! I really missed my coffee in India.  I think maybe Singapore has more shops (a ridiculous amount), but these guys have more malls, so it is easier to find what you need: combats.  The combats I had custom made and fitted for me at MT  Abu, India, fell apart after maybe 12 days (grrr).


We went for our first night out in a long time.  We found the night life here is a hell of a lot more lively than you would expect in a Muslim nation.  They had some really nasty English style pubs which I really wanted to go into, but our Norwegian friends where not so hot on it. We went to a bar, but I was really scared of the bars after the incident in Singapre, but having a female escort, I felt fairly safe.  I got drunk blah blah, then we went in search for a Karaoke bar, and found one! Then they kicked us out because only one of us wanted to buy a drink, which we thought was strange.  The Kareoke place had reminded me of the Southpark episode with Wing: if you have no idea what I am talking watch southpark you lamer.


I had a hooka pipe for the first time! But it was lame.  I really thought that it would be super cool, but it was nothing special at all and was kind of boring.  We had double apple flavour.


We where walking back home and walked past the Fish Doctor boulevard type thing and all of these dudes tried to make us have our feet nibbled on by fish, which was strange and cool, but it brought back bad memories of the nasty biting fish in Goa, so no way man.


We had to check out at 10am, which is BS, but allot of hotels think that is just fine (grrr 2).  We went for breakfast at, at, at KENNY RODGERS ROASTED CHICKEN!  Obviously there was not a great deal for me to eat there, but we finally got to see the man him self in a parody of the Colonel right next door to KFC.  Kenny Rodgers is a country singer BTW for those who don’t listen to more than chart music.



We went in search if Internet because as usual we had not booked trains or accommodation (we still don’t have accommodation for Thailand, oops, and we arrive in about 5 hours from now.  Its now 6 in the Morning and I cannot sleep as we could not book a sleeper and we are in a cold AC carriage with lights on and in chairs L ).  We find a massive 14 story mall at Imbi and we are quite impressed (especially when we see Kenny Rodgers face again); so we are wondering around this mall and we see something very strange… a fucking roller coaster! This place has just blown me away, they have so much cool shiz here! They also had loads of other rides.



We where so tired that we almost forgot to see the Petronous Towers: they where awesome, I don’t know what else to say.  Looking at these towers really hurts your neck because they are so massive; they had a free entry to the sky bridge (that connects the towers way up) but they where not allowing any more entrants for the day, which was LAME of them, because we may never get another chance.  A tourist referred to them as the twin towers when asking for directions, which was funny, because when we where on the lower levels that 9/11 film with Nicholas Cage as a fireman kept flashing into my mind, making me exit the eerily familiar setting at the bottom ASAP.



We went for food before we where due to leave, as Kenny Rodgers only fed me corn, lettice and some rice.  After looking very hard we find a Japanese restaurant that did tofu; Tom asked if it had meat in it, and it did which is stupid; I had not even thought to ask.  They made us wait an hour and we almost missed our train again.  We had to run with our 20kg packs when we got to the station; I was so tired I lost track of time and Tom is always late.  That  pretty much brings you up to date with where I am now, writing on a train in the middle of the night. 


Oh yes, they have an even bigger meat fetish here than in Singapore: I had to order off all the menus as everything has meat or fish; you cannot even get plain noodles here.  I met a few people who do not know what a vegetarian is; these are people with perfect English.  We found some music shops and I was under whelmed as Tom dragged me in, until I realised they sold very rare bootlegs, but I could not find any Jeff Buckley; I guess bootleg DVDs etc is not Haram as everyone sells them.  


They have real motorbikes here and in Singapore.  I feel warm inside every time I hear an engine over 400cc shoot past me.  I hope to get a bike in Thailand.


  Christmas is in full swing here and it warms my heart that the different faith groups here appear to get all so well J although a store keeper made an ominous remark to the country being better under it’s mother (England) due to religions freedoms or something; he said something about some people not signing the constitution in time and not having any (could be BS, I don’t know, plus I am half asleep on a train writing this).


We should be renting a place in Ko Somui or one of the other Thai islands for a month.  It is time to settle down and relax for a while. 


Here is one picture I just found from Singapore; this is what eery road looks like:



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