Thailand – Hat Yai and Surattani to Ko Samui

The train I wrote my previous post on took 16 hours to get into Thailand; we had to sit in our seats all that time. One of the guards told Tom we could get off at some random hill station and the train would come back for us in an hour, which sounded awesome, except I am to paranoid to do it: rightly so because it never went back there and we would have been stuck in the sticks and would probably be minus four kidneys right now.

We got to the Thai border and where asked to leave the train and go through immigration, which we did, then the train leaves with our bags and allot of other peoples bags! some of the other travelers thought it was hilarious we left them on the train as we where instructed to do by the guards. The train returned luckily and we had to lost anything, but I wont be doing that again.

Immigration was pretty horrible as a Malay national triple queue jumped me and I was about to pop in front of armed guards, but I kept my cool and am not in a gulag right now (I did shout at her though, but she ignored me with pissed me off even more). Lack of respect for the Queue is the only thing that really insults an English man I think.

We got into Hat Yai, got off the train and then went to get our onward ticket, to find our train to Surrattani was leaving immediately, so we jumped on another train which took 7 hours. The train was general standing… it was not as bad as India though as it was not packed out. We had to sit on the floor for a while but go seats eventually. The scenery was something else but I was too spaced out to enjoy it and Tom was so tired he did not think to take pictures. The train had no lights, so it was interesting in the tunnels and when the Sun went down.

The food here is even worse for veggies than Malaysia as there the write ingredients in English so I can find something to eat, but I have to guess here. I asked for some “coconut rice” and found anchovies in it, which made me feel very ill. The people here are not as fluent in Eng as the Malay and Singaporeans, which makes finding food very hard, but the people here are awesome! every time we ask a question at a shop here, it is like a little party as they grab loads of help and all start giggling as they try to understand us, then they smack each other on the back in celebration when they successfully understand. That has occurred many times already. I really like the people here, they seem to be genuinely happy to see us, not just for money as in India, but happy to meet us as people.

We spent two days in Surattani because we missed our boat to Ko Samui L but we are here now.  We are at Lami and my first impressions of the place are not good:  we just got here a few hours back and the place seems to consist of strange male foreigners and “masseuses”  i.e. prostitutes.  Every other shop is a massage parlor with hot women pleading with you to enter.  The bars have their own masseuses as well, so I don’t really want to go to any after the Singapore incident.  We need to find our selves a couple of female guards to keep the bad people from sticking their hands down my pants, but we have not seen many foreign women, probably as they left in disgust.  Apparently the working girls here are very aggressive when looking for customers; the dude we spoke to thought it was great, but this place could be my idea of hell, but that is because most of the hot women are apparently men, not because I am a nice guy or anything and paying for sex doesn’t do it for me… that would be a horrible thing to admit.  We have only been here one night so it may be that we where out at the wrong time or something. 


We might go beach hoping to see which town we like best.  The place we are staying at now we where supposed to be renting for a month, but we definitely need to think about where we want to stay.  This place seems exactly like the bullshit TV version of 18-30’s Ibiza uncovered etc but in real life; it is like they watched up the sexed up tv version of Europeans holidays and created it in reality.



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