Still at Chaweng Beach

Life is so hard here. Everyday we have to try and wake up before 12am to go and lye on the beach all day and get a tan 😛 things have been relatively uneventful; we have just been relaxing. When we are not on the beach we are watching DVDs; going to the cinema or bowling. I am actually quite bored of it. I really want to see some ruins or a museum or just something new, but there is little to do here.

I rented a scooter for a day… I really wanted to get a motorbike, but it is too expensive. Tom was the worst pillion passenger ever and was shouting at me every second of every ride, if I was not a calm person I think he could of caused an accident. I was playing with the idea of driving around the island and having a little fun, but it’s just not the same as a motorbike. Every other gora here (white person) has bandages from where they have had accidents, so it is probably a bad idea anyway.

Christmas and New Years where allot of fun. We went out and got drunk etc, etc, but we did a few cool things:

Shooting! I finally got to fire a pistol in RL. When we walked into the place our ears where assaulted by the sound of semi-auto fire; we had to run away quickly and put our ear plugs in before we went back. They had a very decent selection of fire arms like a .357, scoped sniper rifle and lots of pistols. We choose a .22 pistol. I would have gone with a bigger gun, but I was not sure on the kickback of them.

The .22 was so very easy to fire, but as online I was only able to score headshots hehe when ever I aimed at the chest I was less accurate, which makes no sense at all. I guess I have life hacks installed.

We went into one of those super cool kool karaoke places, where you rent a room to go mental, although it was more like a living room. We bought a bottle of rum before we went in and spent two hours getting wasted and singing: they had allot of Elvis.

New years was crazy man. We had about a litre of rum each, but that’s not the crazy part; we wondered down to the front along the beach to find it was jumping. It was like being at a carnival. It was pretty dangerous I have to say as people where setting off fireworks willy nilly and quite a few simply exploded on the ground. I had to wear ear plugs the whole time it was so loud. The sky was full of fire lanterns, and we bought and launched one our selves. It was really beautiful. We wondered from place to place and found a metal band playing at one of the gigs, which was a pleasant surprise. I wanted to do some moshing, but it was very tame L I still got some head banging in. The day after my ears where buzzing, even though I had plugs in; I realy have no idea how everyone can injure their hearing like that and think its okay.

The money situation is not very good; we are both running quite low on cash. I really don’t want to be going home yet as it all sounds very depressing there. We where planning Laos and Cambodia, but we cant afford it so we will be heading to Vietnam.   We are still here until Jan 16, so again I probably will not be posting any blogs until after that.


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