Chewang Beach to Bangkok

We spent our remaining days on Ko Sumoi doing the usual. We did get up to some cool stuff though, like walking to the big Buddha:

He looked very peaceful in the tourist snaps, but when we got there he was surrounded by crappy little shops. We also walked to the local temple, which looked awesome from afar, but when we got there we found it to be a building site; luckily the foreman did not mind us poking around and we got some awesome snaps of the island from up on top:

I was almost killed by a giant spider twice here; the first time I was mesmerised by fear and almost got my self run over avoiding it; the second time I walked through one’s web and ran like a hysterical person expecting it to be in my hair:

These bastards are horrible! They inspire the kind of base fear I cannot describe. They look like mutated house spiders or something.

We where going to go to Bangkok via boat and train, but where both to tired to deal with that, so we opted for a one hour flight, which cost slightly more than it would have, had we gone the long route. We booked a six am ticket to save cash… I thought that being a hardcore traveller, it would be no thing, but by the time we got to Bangkok at seven-ish in the morning we where both “fuzzoozooled”. We had to waste a few hours so we could get to the hotels for midday check-in / out, so we slept on the airports hard metal chairs.

We eventually got on a bus to Ko San Road, which is the traditional backpacker hang-out, and went to a hotel recommended by our Norwegian friends; the hotel was a complete dive and was trying to charge 600 Baht for a crappy mildewed room on the fourth floor (no lift), so after some very tired glances, the hardcore took over and we went back out into the city carrying 25kg each and with no idea where to go. We managed to find a budget hotel for a cheap 300 Baht, but it had no TV and a shared bathroom… normally I would not have a problem with shared bathrooms except this one is unisex. It is a bit hard to do your business, when the shower in the next cubicle could potentially be occupied by the most beautiful women in the world. We did our traditional hotel hoping and found a very cool place for 400 baht with AC, TV and a hot shower, woohoo.

Bangkok is pretty good so far, allot of people slagged it off for being a major hassle, but it is heaven compared to most Indian cities. The area we are in kind of reminds me of the backpacker hangout in Sutter Street, Kalkata, India, except it is fully loaded with people. One of the things that pissed us off about Ko Somui was the tourists: tourists are a different breed of people, who tend to be anti-social and clicky; but backpackers are all very social, and I am enjoying the company of people who are actually interested in having a good time.

The time we have spent here has gone too fast, but it was totally awesome. We went to quite a few tourist places like the Golden Mountain AKA Candy Mountain; another giant Buddah; a palace etc, etc. Snaps:

We have been doing allot of walking here, and walk quite a few KM into central most days. They have a super cool sky walk, which allows you to walk over most of centrals main street. Nothing that interesting happened here apart from my birthday (now 27), for which I got to eat vegan cake in celebration; there are a whole bunch of veggie places hidden in the back streets.

We no have our Vietnam visas J but they cost us 50 quid each, which is allot for us hippy traveller types. I am really looking forward to exploring Hanoi, Denang and Ho Chi Min, but we have had to keep out stay there to three weeks, due too money issues. We are flying back into KL from Ho Chi min and staying for three days, then flying to India and spending a couple of nights there before we fly back home on 23/2. Funnily enough it was cheaper that way than to go direct. We get too see another Indian city and we have 1st class train tickets pre-booked which should be interesting. It’s funny but I am really missing India, she is like an abusive girlfriend you cant get enough of.

Anyway. VIETNAM. Wohoo.


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