Vietnam makes me wish I paid less attention too Madam Quesney’s assets, and more attention too her French class.  Very few people speak English and it is making our lives a little hard; most all speak French though, but I can barely remember any.  Most everything I know about Vietnam I learnt from Full Metal Jacket, Dear Hunter and such films, so I know less than nothing (apart from Soul brother too boocoo).


On our last day in Hanoi, we where approached by a friendly Vietnamese lady, who turned out to be a prostitute.  I had to run away when she went for my privates, except she kept pace and tried to go to town on my junk (I should said soul brother too boocoo).  That was quite scary, but not as scary as a respectable looking old guy, telling me I am handsome; stuff like that should blow my mind, but it seems normal after all of these months.


We jumped on a fifteen hour train to Denang, and it was very, very cool.  We got our own cabin, which had two extra beds with no occupants.  We had a lock so we could stop random people getting in (yes they did try).  I have been carrying a kettle since Ko Sumoi, for occasions like this and we had many a cup of Oolong tea.  A nice group of Australian girls gifted me a pot noodle, after we leant them the kettle, for which I was very grateful, due to the fact the restaurant car served bullute (half formed chicken foetus) and not much more.



We got wasted with the Australians and played cards for most of the night.  We got into Denang at 4am, which sucked for the usual reason (hotel check in time), so we hung out there with a lone German backpacker, who we adopted (Fritz).  Fritz was not too impressed with my knowledge of German: “Den Panzerfaust Benitzen”, which means use the bazooka.


The three of us wondered into town at 6am to find everything was still closed, so we hung out by the river for a couple of hours.  Allot of old folk where out for their morning constitutional, and near everyone said hello and talked to us; the people in Denang are so very friendly, although not many speak good English.


Coming to Denang is actually a life dream of mine, only because I have watched way too many Vietnam films, but being here for Tet (Chinese New Year) is almost as good as being at the Golden Temple for Dewali.  The place is very boring though and we missed the fireworks, but it’s the thought for me.


We decided too stay only one day as it is so dead here, and it is impossible to find food, and when you find vegi food, it comes with meat and makes me sick.  We didn’t get a chance to check out China Beach, but we will when we come back post Hoi An, which is the town next door.


I hope Hoi An is as good as I have been told, because I am a little disappointed in The Nam so far, but that could be because I had the place on a pedestal in my mind.


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