Ho Chi Min City (Saigon)

I don’t have much too say in this blog, but have some pretty pictures.

“Boom, boom?”, “very young”, “where you go?” the prostitution here is the worse than anywhere I have been! Allot of pimp-taxi-bike-drivers approach you just like in full metal jacket, with girls on the back, and loads of freelancers try and jump on you in the street: but I am too Bookoo.


Saigon is a pretty cool city; it is much better than Hanoi, as they have a very decent backpacker scene going on, but it is super expensive i.e. the hotels are twenty plus dollars a night! We managed to find a very rare ten dollar hotel, which has bats 😛


There is a very good selection of Vegi food here, but one morning I woke up at six am, which is WRONG! That was because they use soo much salt in the food here, it is too much for even me, I had to use the nasty re-hydration powder I bought in India.


We got allot done while we where here:

Reunification Palace

The War Reminisce Museum, which had some cool American War junk,and lots of photos and documentation of US war atrocities.

The Chu Chi tunnels! Woohoo.  We got to go into the VC tunnels 75 clicks north of Saigon and shoot an AR15 and AK.  The tunnels where enlarged for “fat American bodies”, but it was to tiny and claustrophobic for me.  We went into the first set of tunnels, but called time on the second set as it involved prone shimmying.

Ben Thanh Market, where I bought a super cool Diesel watch for 200 Dong (Eight squid); when I was bartering for it some English tourist SOB waltzed right by and tried to tell me sixteen pounds for a watch is cheap, which made it really hard for me too break the sellers balls for eight pounds.

The post office… funnily enough, which is French era ans super cool, plus it was right next to the Cathedral that is “about to fall down” which hundreds of people gather in (no pics sorry).


We are catching a flight back into Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days, and then heading home via India.


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