Kuala Lumpur to Tiruchirappalli, India

We did not get up to much in KL. We walked to the Petronous Towers most days, and we walked allot of the city this time, instead of using the train; it looks allot like Bangkok from ground level.  We also hung out at the mega malls like Times square again (13 floors). 

We managed to get into the twin towers observation deck this time, but the views where nothing on the sky needle (can’t remember real name):


We jumped on our plane to India… I was so very scared of coming back.  The Indian queuing system was in effect since check in, in KL, but I double queue jumped a few guys in revenge.  When we got into baggage reclaim, we stood by the conveyer belt waiting for our stuff, then the bags started to appear through a hole in the wall, with the outlines of a conveyer belt on the floor leading to it; I slapped my self in the head for being so stupid and thought “of course the baggage comes through a hole in the wall, youre in India stupid”.

As soon as we stepped out of the Airport, something very, very irrational happened: I felt like I had come home!  I love India, I love this country so much; the other places we have been to are great, but I feel very much at home here.  I may have slagged this place off and rightly so, but the good over weighs the bad.

We spent the day in Tiruchirappalli, and found it to be very low stress and pleasant, although there is nothing to do there.  I did get harassed by a few people, but not so much by Indian standards; I actually think it is less stressful here so far than Vietnam, except the for the people who stalk you, no other country has given us that problem.

We ate Tali, real Tali off of giant leaf with our hands.  Tali is basically an all you can eat selection of India dishes, served to you, except in most of India they don’t do this.  We spent the rest of the day getting wasted in an India bar, drinking Haywoods 5000 and kingfisher, watching news on the Chennai riots in Hindi and trying to work out what to expect when we get there.

After 12 hours in town we headed to the train station for our FIRST class trip to Chennai… when the train arrived it was not very clear where the hell our carriage was, and you cannot walk between different classes, so we asked for directions: each time we ran from one end of the platform to another we where sent back by a guard telling us it was on the other end (twenty carriages long, maybe more) and this was with our 30kg packs; after the third time, I thought my chest was going to explode, and we got onto the only first class carriage we could find, which did not have our names allocated.  It turns out that they messed up our booking and two gents had to share their carriage with us, which was nice of them, but considering we al paid for first class… it was not the experience wanted.

We are in Chennai now, and I don’t see any riots or the Police on the rampage, so those news reports must have been very localised.



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