Chennai, Dehli, and the home to the UK

I don’t have much to say, but for the sake of finishing the blog, here it is.  We spent three days in Chennai, in the cheapest hotel we could find (300 Rupees); we hit up a couple of tourist spots we missed last time:

Saint George Fort, which turned out to be some walls, a museum and a load of Army barracks.

Vadapalani Temple, which was very unique in design.  We where approached by a “guide” and you know what happens next, it always happens, which is why I can barley motivate my self to write it for the millionth time.  Tom relented and hired the guide after he stalked us for five minutes, I was very unhappy and I let him know it, because he asked us to pay him “as we like” which  interpreted as “I am going to fuck you for money after”, which is what e attempted to do.  When we went to pay him, he asked us for 200 rupees, and then refused the money we wanted to give him; he did the pretend walk away, because I am insulted thing and then took the money after; so basically he tried to make us feel bad, that he tried to screw us.  My India stress levels where peaking at that point.  I don’t have access to my the photos, so here is one I found on google:

We got to see Chennai beach, but did not get a chance to stop there, not that you cant relax on any Indian beaches anyway.

We got jumped on our plane to Dehli at 3am, then waited six hours for our flight home.   India had the last laugh though: the security guards at the airport stole my lighter!  I would not be so upset, but first they said I could not have it, because it (vaguely) looks like a grenade, then two seconds after saying that he starts playing with it, laughing and smiling as he went, then he past it to his colleague who did more of the same, all the while I was standing there crying inside for my precious blow torch lighter 😦 damn you.  Give my lighter back.

It felt very strange to be on the London underground again, and it feels good to be home.  Everyone asks me if I was scared or felt threatened in any of these countries, but the funny is I felt safer in those countries than in my own.

End Blog.  Maybe I will reserect it another time.


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