Mumbai 2010

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It’s hard to blog without my awesome ‘craptop’, so I have not been able to keep notes on what has been going on.  Upping pictures to the blog from a Mumbai net Café is painful, so there are only a few in the slideshow above. Here is a abridged version of the trip up to now:

We jumped on our flight to India, but flew via Muskat, Oman.  We did get an awesome view of Dubai on the way there, which made the diversion worthwhile.  Flying with Oman air was quite scary… I think I have watched to many videos on Liveleak, and this caused some irrational fear, especially, when we went though security at Muskat airport.  We picked up a bottle of Balvenie for 20 quid (score), as we opted for the Dutch eating method this time (steralise belly after meals).

When we where in Muskt I made an overt comment about talking to the other Gora, and perhaps sharing a cab, and a couple of guys over heard, so when we got to café Leopold it was just like old times with a big group of us.  I did not realise, but when we got to Leopold it was 2 days and two years after the terrorist attack.  Security was very tight, and the other two dudes where freaking out when I told them ‘this was the place it happened’.  There was a single bullet hole downstairs and a few preserved shot-up glass windows upstairs. If you read m previous blogs, you will know we got lucky before (missed the attack by two weeks).

The hassle is not bad as before, or perhaps we are used to be poked and prodded for cash.  At the Gateway to India, the India stress levels peaked due to the massive amount of people following us around.  We got 4 snaps and left immediately, which was unfortunate.

We stayed in a more expensive hotel and did not bother to look for another as we wanted to avoid the epic stress levels we experienced last time.  It is not all bad though as we got chai and breakfast in bed every morning J

I finally acquired myself a classic pocket watch for 1000k rupees (70 rupes to the pound), when we hit up Bindi Bazaar again.  I also acquired a classic art deco lighter… they are most likely good fakes but I am very happy with them.  We had a good look for a monicle but have had no luck so far; I am hoping to get one on this trip.

I don’t real have any funny stories this time, as they have all be purged from my mind thanks to mild sunstroke, but we where approached by a dude, who was telling us all about his radiation poisoning… we could not get rid of him and we where waiting for the punch-line and the screw for cash, but none materialized which made for a scary encounter in hindsight.

We missed allot of stuff last time we came here; we did the national gallery which was 2 minutes from us this time and before; I guess we where so stressed out before it did not occur to us, that we should visit.  We did some city walking, which is why I am mildly sun stroked ATM, which made for some interesting special awareness fails in a pharmacy a minute ago (knocked lots of bottles over).

I am happy to report we had a good time in Mumbai this time, and my current stress levels are mild, even though I was just chased down the road, and I am being hassled to buy drugs on every corner; still the drug stress is not as bad, as when I had dreds locks here.

We are off to Goa on a overnight train in a couple of hours.  Hopefully I will post some more I a couple of days.


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