Anjuna 2010

We jumped on a train to Goa in AC2… but we played with the idea of going via sleeper class for old times sake, but we decided to keep our India rage down proactively.  On the train we shared a section with two other travelers, one of whom we all called ‘middle self guy’ as he did not say a word for the 14 hours we where on the train, except to grunt one or two acknowledgments: this was a sign of things to come.  His yang came in the form of another traveler, who we pro-tutored in Indian train stops (it is really hard to work out where you are), and I even corrected an Indian family who where about to get off at thw wrong stop J

We where still trying to work out where we wanted to go on the train, but opted to head to Anjuna as we missed the Wednesday market last time we where here.  I acquired myself a ‘silver’ elephant chain (750rs), a hippy bag (50rs), a bangle as a gift (200rs), and a snide polo sport hat (150rs).  This may all sound pretty boring in list form, but in order to get those prices, me and Tom had to do some serious bartering.  I’m not going to give away any of our techniques this time, sorry.   The package holiday noobs made it really hard for us to barter, as there are all money-fat and don’t know what anything is worth.  Barting was a real pain here.  The package noobs really do look like marks.

There are to many of those types here at Anjuna.  The scene is terrible.  We have been friendly as always, but the non-traveler types are so very anti-social.  I know it is old to slag them off, but they are all in the traveler closet and are to scared to come out, and be nice.

I have to take a moment to slag off our first hotel here, for google’s pleasure.  Peace Land is one of the book hotels, that comes under the budget bracket.  We phoned ahead to book in advance (like that ever works in India), and when we arrived we where informed that 5 people where turned away in our favour.  We where very grateful, and took his word on it, but he was building a rapport with us so he could screw us out of an extra 600rs; we agreed the price on the phone and confirmed in three times, as is the minimum requirement here.  We could not refuses as he ‘turned away five people’, so we stayed a night.  We are at a super awesome beach hotel, obviously in a good location for half the caps, and they do not overcharge for drinks or food, or refuse to allow you to bring your own food or water into the hotel.  Rant over.

Karma is a bitch, and me and Tom where inflicted with a sort of, semi-instant wraith, in a restaurant where the food was not so great (we did not tip).  Tom lost his phone, and we went looking for it on the beach (he always loses something); we eventually tried the eatery, and were extremely surprised to see one of the guys there ‘held onto it for us’; Tom paid him the tip in lieu.  We will always tip from now on.  I had a really bad meditation about this in Mumbai, in which we where served a pita bread, with a sauce of rupee coins that we where apparently stealing.

I am trying real hard not to fall into my hardened traveler mode, but I am having trouble spending money e.g. today we spent 600 rupes each on drinks while we sunned… I was really upset to waste so much cash (70rupes to the pound).  I keep thinking we need to be saving for the rest of the trip, but there is no more trip after a week or so L  I’m going to hate myself in the future for not spending allot of cash (like 20 quid or something), and am forcing myself to get the stuff I want, although I am finding the inner-traveler-itch hard to ignore.

In our *hotel on the beach*, we have sun-beds to enjoy the sun with… sounds normal right, well no.  There is no beach in India you can sit on and relax on, except our one apparently.  We are four meters above the ground, and all the beach sellers shout up at us and plead for us to buy their stuff, but we cannot hear them.  We get to survey the mass of people and sellers from a safe height.  I counted the beach sellers talking to a single guy in 15 minutes, and that tallied up to 7 different people selling various bits of junk: the poor guy.  We where laughing so hard though, but had to keep our heads down so they could not target us.  It was a fun sport counting the seller to customer ratio.  That one same guy had a total of five sellers around him at one point later in the day. I really don’t know how he managed to keep his cool or relax at all, except by buying lots of crap.

Sorry, by new blogs are a bit rubbish, but want to record something for myself to look back on in a years time, when I am about to pop from stress again.  I will edit some pictures in at a later date.


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