We stayed in Anjuna for 3 nights but got bored pretty fast of laying down in the glorious sun.  There is a huge drugs scene, and we where offered the MDMA the fuels the nightly raves more than a few times.  Using drugs in a foreign country is a bad idea, especially as we have had confirmation of the buckshish drugs scam that goes on in Mumbai I.e. you buy weed, and then the cop behind you then extorts cash, or sticks you in Goulag.

We moved onto Calangute beach and decided not to bother with Panjim.  This beach is full of Russians and English, but mostly Russians.  We stayed at the India Kitchen, which is a really great place with nice owners, and a pool… then Tom got sick.

We where both pretty rough for a day in Anjuna; I got over it very fast, but Tom needed some meds.  We decided to walk the 4km in the heat to the nearest pharmacy, because paying 1.50 pounds to avoid heatstroke is a bit to much to ask (Mad Dogs and Englishmen).  Tom seemed to be mostly okay, but then on our second day here he was very close to fainting, due to the effects of the dreaded Delly-Belly.  We got a cab to the nearest recommended hospital, that did not charge naïve-tourist-stupid-prices, and we where both surprised that they wanted to keep him in bed on a drip.  He should be out of hospital the by the time you read this blog (two nights do far).

I am not sure if I should critique the hospital he is staying in, as it might concern a few of you.  The needles are clean though – I made sure of that – and he is getting good care.  I tried to post an update on this earlier, but I was being distracted by a net cafe owner (in a bad way) who liked me a bit to much.  I’ll say no more on that for now, except when I am at home and very drunk.  It’s probably not a good idea to say much for now anyway, due to certain narrow-minded laws they have here.

We are bored of the beaches now and where going to head for Hampi, but it looks like we will be staying here, or nearby until it’s time to go home.  If Tom gets out of the hospital as planned, we should be learning to cook curry, but other than that: all plans are on hold, until Tom’s health status becomes clear.

Random pro traveler tip:  wipe the top of your water bottled water, before consuming as the condensation that builds over the days it travels to the shop, also carries the germs of it’s handlers straight into your mouth.


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